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Three Great Looking Corkscrews to Impress your Guests

Summertime, and the living is easy.  Relaxed evenings with friends, drink in hand.  Life is good!  You're hosting a drinks party and you're planning some nice wines to serve your guests.  Now where is that old corkscrew? Oh yeah, stuck in the back of the cutlery drawer.  Ugh and it's gone rusty.  Not good!

Here are some corkscrews that do the business of uncorking your bottle of wine in style.  All are available on Amazon with free Prime two day shipping.

Go electric with the Oster

Oster Electric

The Oster Electric Wine Bottle Opener is one of Amazon's best selling bottle openers and you'll impress your guests with it's sleek design. It looks great in silver, just remember to make sure it's charged up ahead of time!  With over 3,200 positive reviews on Amazon and priced at around $20, what's not to like.  See it here on Amazon.

Go traditional with the Rosewood Waiters Three in One


A true classic, the Rosewood Waiters corkscrew is a corkscrew, foil cutter and bottle opener all in one!  It comes in a nice box and is a bargain at around $12 (this is currently on offer on Amazon), usual price is about $34.  It has a beautiful handle and sturdy fulcrum.  Great value for money.  See it here on Amazon.

Alessi Cool as Cats

Alessi corkscrew

How about this Alessi light blue corkscrew for style?  What a beauty!  It's not cheap, but it is a statement. Your guests will love it!  It's available in other colors and is a fun addition to any party.  See it here on Amazon.


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