Time to Learn More About Wine

Shake off those new year blues and learn something new about wine - get reading!  There are so many great books out there on wine and whilst many of you might be in the 'dry January' doldrums, it shouldn't stop you from picking up more knowledge about the wonderful world of wine. If you can't drink it right now, at least you can learn about it!

The Wine Bible, by Karen MacNeil is a true classic in the wine book world, a regular best seller on Amazon and one of the most informative and entertaining wine books out there.  It took over ten years to write and weighs in at over 1,000 pages!  Ebery major wine country (and some minor ones) are covered, along with every grape varietal, bodega, chateau and plenty of weird and wonderful facts about wine.

The Wine Bible is more than a coffee table tome.  It is a classic reference book that you can dip into time and time again.  The Kindle edition shown here is well worth the money and at time of writing is only $11.99.


Pocket Vintages Wine Guide Now Available

PV Cover

The PocketVintages Old World Edition Wine Guide is now available to purchase online for only $1.99 including FREE shipping to anywhere in the United States.

The credit card sized guide covers the France, Italy, Germany and Spain vintages from 2002 to 2011 and provides a simple way to help you find the best vintage by region.

PV Inside

Sure there are apps for that, but this handy guide can easily be pulled out of your wallet or purse and consulted whenever you are in a restaurant, wine shop or supermarket and want some help choosing between vintages.

To order your own copy of the 2014 PocketVintages wine guide, click the Paypal button below.

The Ripening Sun - Book Review

Ripening Sun
For anyone aspiring to quit the rat-race, buy a vineyard and make your fortune in wine, please read this book first.  The Ripening Sun is an excellent account of one English woman's journey from financial consultant to wine maker extrordinaire, with a divorce and many a French swear word thrown in for good measure.  Patricia Atkinson, author of The Ripening Sun and the heroine of this wonderful tale makes it extremely clear that running your own vineyard takes a hell of a lot of hard work, not just at harvest time, but throughout the year.  It is actually off-putting, but omnia vince perseverando (perseverance conquers all) as my old school motto says, and Patricia does it in spades.

For a lady that knew nothing about wine to digging in and doing what it takes to turn a disaster into a successul business is a lesson in life that touches many.  Years later, Patricia's wines from her vineyard, Clos d'Yvigne, are well respected and stocked by some of the finest merchants in London.

This is a great true story and quite difficult to put down.  Amazon sells it here.