Domaine Sorin 2013 Cotes De Provence

I love this fresh, floral Rose wine and every spring, just as the sun becomes a more regular occurence in the day, I pick up a case of it to enjoy over the coming weeks.  It's a bargain at well under $15 a bottle (I picked up a case for $12 a bottle) and is the perfect wine to drink on its own or with fish and seafood.  It has a crispy sweet floral flavour that won't disappoint.  Delicious!


2011 Domaine Saint Aix Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Aix Rose, Provence

Aix rose wine
This Rose wine simply called 'AIX' is from Provence in France but widely available across Europe and the US.  The producers have done a fantastic job of producing a light, yet flavour packed summer wine, designed to be drunk cold on its own or with fish or seafood.

It's so light and fresh that you can be duped into thinking that a few glasses of this won't affect you but it packs a hefty 13% alcohol.

Aix is a blend of classic Provence region grape varietals,  Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsaut.  This region in southern France is well known for producing a lot of rose, much of it very average and some of it very good.

The producer describes this 2011 vintage as follows, 'An elegant rose with layers of complexity and a fresh personality.  Beautifully balanced with bright fruit flavors, delicate floral notes and a long finish reminiscent of a clear warm day in Provence.  This delicious rose is as captivating as a gentle refreshing summer breeze. It seduces you like a bright sunny day.  Sublime happiness in every sip.'

Well, I'm not too sure of the seduction bit, but the happiness in every sip I agree with!

According to Wine Searcher, this 2011 vintage has ranged in price from $11 to $16 across the US, but I am finding it in good supermarkets for about $13, which is an absolute steal.  

It gets three grapes, which means stock up while the summer is here.