2009 DeLille Cellars Doyenne Aix

Aix delille

Superb wine drinking perfectly right now.  So glad I waited three years to try this.  It's a big wine - 14.9% alcohol, with a deep, dark, squid ink color.  The Syrah style blend is heavy but it works.  This wine packs a punch and is a big mouthful.  There is a ton of fruit - strawberries, blackcurrent and good tannins.  Overall a very solid structure that will hold up for another few years.

I paid around $30 for it a few years ago and it retails now around $40 so quite a good investment too.

Kirkland Chateauneuf du Pape 2010

Kirkland c neuf d pape
Ah, the famous Chateauneuf du Pape, a name than invokes class, mastery, elegance and above all, good living.  So what the devil has Costco done sticking a Kirkland own brand label on it?  I had to pick up a bottle (less than $20) and give it a try.

Opened it last night, gave it some fresh air for about ten minutes and slurped straight in.  I was shocked, and in a good way.  Fresh flowers, raspberry bushes and cherry pie - and I'm not talking about eating my dinner outside either.  This chateauneuf du pape smelled good and tasted divine.  It went rather well with the spaghetti bolognaise and even the wife had half a glass, which is a sure sign of a decent wine!  I would be happy to serve this at a dinner party, having decanted it first.

The 2010 is a good vintage and was successful across Southern Rhone, where chateauneuf du pape heralds from.  This blend appears to be a classic mix of the Southern Rhone grape varietals, namely Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and possibly some Cinsault.

Robert Parker said of the 2010 vintage, "The 2010s will have significant aging potential, which is obvious in the level of tannins, but the tannins are sweet with exceptional elegance and finesse."

This Kirkland wine will definitely sit well in the cellar for a couple of years but I would advise drinking it now.  Costco buys wine that usually needs drinking up, so take advantage and buy half a case while the going is good.

You can read more about the Rhone region and Rhone vintages here.